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4 reasons why Nanyuki should be on your bucket list

Nanyuki is one of the best multicultural tourist towns situated in Kenya. It lies at the equator, the imaginary line that splits the earth into two, and on the leeward side of the majestic snowcapped Mount Kenya. Not only does it boast of picturesque views of the towering Mt. Kenya, but also of the vast plains of Laikipia, and a couple of wildlife conservancies. In a land of such vast beauty, there are myriads of reasons why it is worth a visit. Here are some of them:

It is home to the Ol Pejeta Conservancy

Ol Pejeta Conservancy is a celebrated wildlife conservancy that boasts of the highest number of wild animals to acre ratio in Kenya. It is also home to Kenya’s sole chimpanzee sanctuary, as well as the largest East African black rhino sanctuary. The Ol Pejeta Conservancy also caught the world’s attention for being home to the last male of the near extinction northern white rhino, Sudan.

Sprawling on a vast 110,000-acre ranch, the conservancy is also home to the Jackson’s hartebeest, the endangered black rhino as well as the rare Grevy’s Zebra.

Climb Mount Kenya, as you explore the Mau Mau caves

The majestic Mount Kenya, which is the highest mountain in Kenya, is part of the reasons you should visit Nanyuki. This town offers a good starting point for mountain climbers and trekkers who opt to explore the mountain through the Sirimon route. However, if you do not want to break a sweat ascending the mountain’s steep and rocky terrain, you may opt to explore the Mau Mau caves which served both as a hideout and meeting point for Mau Mau fighters. This was during Kenya’s fight for independence in the early 1960s.

Thompson’s Falls

Falling in a surreal 74 meters of dense mist, Thomson’s Falls should be one of the main reasons you visit Nanyuki. The popular falls are named after Thompson Falls, by honor of his son, Joseph Thompson who stumbled upon this spectacular gem in the year1883. In a bid to have a better view of the scenic falls, there is a steep and rocky trail that you can follow, which will lead you down to the pool. The trail leading to the pool is a sight to behold. It encompasses an array of different bird species and Columbus monkeys.

Around the waterfalls are a number of curio shops filled with artefacts and jewels, just to mention a few that you can get as souvenirs and relics.

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