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7 Best Hotels to Stay in Lamu

Are you planning to visit Lamu?  Expect to get an experience that you’ll remember for a good long while.  Lamu’s local people have great hospitality. The fascinating island town is also known to have a relaxed lifestyle. There is a variety of places to give you a comfortable stay and we’ll look at some of them:-

Subira House

Subira House is located in Lamu Town.  It boasts of comfortable rooms, a roof-top terrace, and an amazing garden.  Your dinner will be prepared with fresh ingredients from the hotel’s garden.



Lamu House Hotel

The hotel is situated on Lamu town’s edge. It offers a serene environment with stylish accommodation.  The premise has an open courtyard and a sizeable pool for your relaxation.

Peponi Lodge

Located in Shela, it has been a favorite place to stay in the last decade. It continues to offer reputable services in its serene environment. You can wander around during the afternoon without much distraction.

The Majlis Resort

This hotel is a suitable hide-away for guests.  It offers private beachfront and stylish interiors for a luxury feel. It also features a pool, a bar, and a relaxed restaurant.

Pettley’s Inn

It’s situated on the beachfront of Lamu Town.  Its rooms are air-conditioned. The hotel also boasts of a bar and a swimming pool. You are bound to have a beautiful view of the sea during your stay.

Msafini Guest House

This hotel is situated in Shela village. It offers self-contained rooms, a swimming pool and a relaxed restaurant makes you feel at home. It’s one of the best places to experience the Swahili culture.

Janaataan Hotel

It’s located within 3 km of Lamu Fort. The hotel offers a hot tub, indoor pool and many lounging areas on each floor. You can enjoy a continental breakfast at the premise too.

Enjoy your stay at Lamu.







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