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Attraction Sites in Mombasa you’ll enjoy visiting

Mombasa is the oldest coastal town in Kenya. A world-renowned tourist destination, it’s perhaps one of the most intriguing places you’ll ever visit in East Africa. The key attraction sites you may want to look out for in this county include:

Fort Jesus

Fort Jesus pays tribute to how rich Mombasa is in history. Built-in 1593 by the Portuguese, this fort is a testament to early Portuguese military architecture. Built in the shape of a man and named Jesus as a religious reference. Located in Ndia Kuu, Mombasa, this fort has been acclaimed by UNESCO world heritage as Mombasa’s top tourist attraction.


Old Town Mombasa

Mombasa old town is a historian’s paradise. Located on the Southside of Mombasa town, Old town lies as proof of how the Portuguese ruled the port. Locals of this town are mostly of Arab, European and Asian heritage. What stands out in the old town is the architecture with doors designed ornately and overhanging balconies that lie unchanged since the 16th century. Cultural meals from the local communities are available in the different cafes in the streets.


South Coast Beaches

Key beaches that form the coastline in the south of Mombasa are shelly, Diani and Tiwi beaches. There clear waters and white sandy beaches make them ideal for visitors from every part of the world. Rainforest with abundant birds and wildlife lie on the edge of the beach further accentuating its beauty. Natural coral reefs protect the swimming areas from harsh tides and are a famous destination for all things waters sports.

Mombasa Tusks

The famous Mombasa tusks were built to commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Mombasa in 1952. Made of pure aluminium these tusks mark the entrance into Mombasa town where most commercial activities like banking take place. The tusks form the letter ‘M’ meaning Mombasa and are located on Moi Avenue and are a sign of the cultural depth that Mombasa has to offer its visitors.

With these sites in mind, your stay in Mombasa should be filled with fun and learning every day






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