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What to Have before Travelling to Kenya for the first Time

What to Have before Travelling to Kenya for the First Time
Are you traveling to Kenya for the first time? This is great because Kenya is perhaps one of the most exciting destinations you’ll find in Africa. Whether traveling for business or leisure, this country is bound to offer you a rich cultural and wildlife experience making your travel worth the while. To make your stay even more comfortable ensure you have everything you need planned out and ready. Here is a list you may want to consider:


You will need to acquire a visa when traveling to Kenya. Depending on the type you need the cost ranges between $20 and $101. You can purchase one while in your country of residence or optionally get one on arrival at the Kenya High Commission.


Yellow fever is the most common and mandatory vaccine when traveling to Kenya. However, it is recommended that you add the following:
• Diphtheria
• Typhoid
• Hepatitis A & B
• Tetanus
Optionally, you could consider taking Malaria tablets as this illness is still a menace in various parts of Kenya.

Packing up

While in Kenya, you can expect to be up and about with numerous activities to do. With this in mind, carry breathable clothing, the likes of t-shirts and shorts. Also, include the following:
• Warm clothes for cold evenings
• Sunglasses
• Hats
• Sunscreen
• Sandals and comfortable shoes for hikes
Check with your destination hotel for possible laundry services as this may guide you on how much to pack.


Ensure you practice safety, especially if you’ll be traveling alone in Kenya. Try to limit your activities to daytime and constantly be aware of your surroundings. Where possible, join other groups of tourist with plans, similar to yours.

Learn Swahili

Most Kenyans speak English and Swahili so you should ideally have no trouble getting your way around. It, however, might place you on an even friendlier ground if you can say:
• Jambo – Hello
• Asante – thank you
• Hatari – danger
• Kwaheri – goodbye
With these and your activities planner in check, you should be able to enjoy your stay in Kenya.

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